Software Solutions

G-SPACE Platform

The G-Space platform is a comprehensive full-featured software platform that provides the infrastructure for digital transformation. As well as platform, GSS provide digital banking solution to create seamless banking experience. It works across all channels and business lines, powers the entire customer lifecycle, and re-architects your bank around your customers.

Why should banks use G-Space?

Using a comprehensive solution in order to:

  • Orchestration seamless customer journey
    Compliance with ESG regulations
    Flexibility and cost effectiveness to serve new features
    Integrates across products and services
    Value acceleration approach
    Drive innovation with agility
    Create full life cycle value
    Achieve Scalability

Software solutions

  • Process Automation

G-space provides an IF with the ability to define business procedures. In the business design and implementation layer, it is completely based on BPMN. By using IDE and its Flow Manager, it is possible to implement all kinds of bank transactions and complex value-added services in a cost efficient and ultimately simple way.

  • OMS & Analytics

OMS is an online monitoring system which control, monitor and manage all the existing devices in the bank. There is possibility to get report from log errors and the status of the devices and updating, changing or running new features on devices from center. The monitoring system helps the bank to solve the problem and finds the capability to take the necessary actions. In addition according to AI and machine learning engines analytics system provide us with different aspect of customer financial activity and status which is fed customer club solution.

  • Identity Management

Digital identity is a set of electronically recorded and stored identity characteristics. It describes uniquely an entity in a specific behavior and are used for electronic exchanges and transactions. Using artificial intelligence technology has provided the process of identity proof, registration and receipt of valid digital signature certificate for any customer completely online. All organizations and companies that need to electronically sign their documents can send the file to the client’s smart phone through the APIs. By drastically reducing in-person visits, to organizations and companies, digital identification increases satisfaction and also reduces administrative costs.

  • ID Document Verification: Verifies the legitimacy of an ID document (such as a driver’s license,
  • passport, or government ID)
  • Biometric Verification
  • Liveness Detection
  • Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)
  • Banking solutions

Nowadays, digital services and mobile payments have optimized the provision of financial services, at the same time, due to the wide range, speed and ease of use via smartphones, the request and use of applications that provide financial, banking and value-added services has been accelerated

  • Mobile payment

G-space mobile application using the latest technology in this field. In our mobile payment application, in addition to providing all the most important banking services, value-added services such as purchasing and recharges internet packages, purchasing gift cards, paying bills and governmental services are provided.

  • Neobank

GSS Neo bank has been designed and implemented by GSS group of companies to provide various banking services on the smart phone platform. This system can be implemented cross platform. Other features like carrying out deposit-based banking operations as well as providing services in personal financial management and implementing a management control panel are supported by this solution.

  • Loan management
  • Digital Loan origination

G-space eliminates the complexities of business banking, turning fragmented and time-consuming financial tasks into seamless experiences in order to create better experiences with your business customers

  • Collateral management

G-space connected systems help you putting the focus on the customer delivering the right data to the right people. With a 360-degree view, customers and bank can make the best decisions for necessary collaterals in each case, as well as connecting with legal and governmental services to evaluate customer financial status and records.

  • Channel Manager

Channel Manager provides customer with the various services in order to manage access level, limitations and activation or inactivation of services on different channels. According to customer journey channels can provide exclusive service experience to meet customer expectations and preferences

  • Managing and supporting the various third parties and channels
  • Boost your business integration
  • Reduce your tech debt
  • Expose APIs
  • processing up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent calls
  • Issue Billing for various third parties involve in providing composite services
  • throttling, monitoring
  • authorization and access control
  • Omni channel
  • seamless and unified experience